August 7, 2012

Raised Food Feeders For Dogs And Other Pets

We have medium to large sized dogs, so when we adopted our dog(s) we always felt that a raised feeder was necessary for them because of their height, so that our dogs don't have to bend down close to the floor to reach their food while they eat. Currently, we have a raised feeder that elevates both the water and food bowls to almost 12 inches which is proportionate to the body of our dogs since they are around medium to large dogs.

Raised feeders for pets that will work with both dogs and cats comes in all shapes and sizes. You can buy or purchase raised food feeder for smaller dogs that is proportionate to the height of your dog. Some brands even have designer look like a bamboo wood designs to possibly match any bamboo flooring or furnitures you may have, so that having a dog feeder visible in your room all the time will not be an eye sore but a decorative element as well. Majority of the raised feeders for animals are made of decorative metals, plastics, wood, etc. Some feeders are collapseable and portable. Nowadays, you have several different options to choose brands, styles, type of materials, and sizes that will work with your dog's size or height.

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